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Municipal Water Savings Corporation reached out to us for some assistance with their interior signage. They already had artwork ready and just needed a company to take their ideas and make them into 3-dimensional signs for the office. As you can see from the photos, they wanted dimensional lettering to go on the walls. The logo was installed on the entrance wall so it could be seen as soon as you walk in, and the quote “Life Takes Water” was installed above the reception desk. The main entrance and reception area are probably the most popular location for interior signs.

Using the vector file artwork, the letters and logo were routed from sheets of acrylic using our CNC router. We used 3/8″ thick acrylic for all of the components of the sign. After the different pieces are routed, they are custom painted. The client typically calls out the paint color they would like us to use or a Pantone color based on their logo. Sometimes, logos use CMYK colors if they are only going to be used for web, and CMYK doesn’t translate to Pantone. Instead of trying to find a close match, we usually leave it up to the customer to choose a color that they will be happy with. Many times, clients will come into the office in person to take a look at our Pantone paint book to choose a color. The best way to have a client choose a paint color is to have them see the color sample in person because depending on different screens, and screen settings, the color can look different than how it will actually look.

The letters were stud mounted into the wall using 1/4″ spacers. There are multiple studs in each letter, and we drill holes in the wall according to the location of the studs. We fill the holes with silicone and push the studs into the wall. The spacers keep the letters from going all the way in, which spaces them off of the wall by 1/4″.