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Primuth, Driskell & Terzian, LLP is an estate planning attorney office in Pasadena, California. Founded in 2006, Primuth, Driskell & Terzian, LLP helps families, entrepreneurs, and small to mid-size businesses in estate planning, trust and probate administration & litigation, business law and business succession planning, tax law and bankruptcy, and tax & financial planning and asset protection.

They are located inside of an office building that is shared by many other businesses so they do not have space for a building sign. This is the case for many law offices which is why an interior lobby sign is very popular for law and attorney offices. You can check out other legal office signs we’ve made here on our website gallery.

Many law offices do not have a logo, so they simply display the name of the business or the name of the partners using dimensional letters. Primuth, Driskell & Terzian, LLP did have a logo, and they wanted it to go on their reception desk. Their logo was designed by Kilter, a design firm that is also located in Pasadena, California.

Whether you have a logo or not, having a sign in your reception area is a great way to make a good impression on new or potential clients. Having the name of the business displayed where it can be seen right when you walk in will help people know right away that they’re in the right suite. Having a high-end logo sign also makes a good impression because it reflects positively on the business. Much like a storefront sign, if the sign doesn’t look well maintained, it reflects poorly on the business. If a business has a flickering sign, or a sign with a light out, it can look like the business owner doesn’t care about how the business is represented, or the business isn’t doing well enough to afford to fix it. Similarly, an interior logo sign made using cheap material or products will reflect poorly on a business, especially if it’s a sign that is seen in close proximity like a lobby sign.