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Orthopedic Institute of Santa Barbara reached out to us for a new sign for the outside of their office. Their building is surrounded by a wall and they wanted to use that space to display their logo. Their design studio had already laid out a sign design so we received a site plan and elevations of what the client already had in mind. The original designs called out 3/4″ thick, painted aluminum letters and the original plan was to have two signs, one on each side of the wall as the business is located on a corner.

After speaking with the client, we ended up going with 1/2″ painted acrylic letters instead and added the doctor’s name to the sign. During proofing, the client decided to go down to just one sign. But before we could start with manufacturing, we needed to pull a sign permit. Every city has different regulations that we need to adhere to when designing a sign. Our Permit Specialist makes sure that everything is up to code and goes to city hall to apply for a sign permit with all of the necessary paperwork which includes a signed proof from both the tenant and the landlord. Unless the city requests any changes, we can secure a permit in one trip and start on production.

The sign is mostly made up of letters which were flat-cut from the 1/2″ thick acrylic and painted per the colors called out by the designer. The logo is also dimensional. To achieve this look, we started with a 1/2″ white acrylic base and used 1/8″ painted acrylic for the details of the logo. The thinner elements were adhered to the white acrylic base with VHB. The logo panel and all of the letters were stud mounted flush to the wall.