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Many of you may recognize Huster Hollywood as an adult retail store, but the brand Hustler actually started out as a club opened by Larry Flynt in 1968. To help promote the club, he started the Hustler Newsletter which evolved into Hustler Magazine which is where Larry Flynt gained his fame. From there, he opened the first Hustler Hollywood store in 1998 on Sunset Strip and as of today, there are almost 30 different locations nationwide. He even opened a casino in Gardena, Hustler Casino, in 2000.

With so many retail locations, it’s inevitable that warehouses will be necessary. We’ve done many signs for numerous Hustler Hollywood locations, so we were their first choice when they needed a sign for their new warehouse in Ontario. They wanted the building to be identifiable, but wanted to keep it low-key, which is why they wanted the sign to read “HH Retail”. Hustler Hollywood is a well-known name so they didn’t want to advertise the merchandise inside, but they still needed a way to identify the building.

The retail stores┬áhave bulb signs and a lot of illumination, but all of that was not necessary for this sign so we made them a set of acrylic dimensional letters. Acrylic or aluminum dimensional letters are perfect for minimalistic building signs. Many buildings like warehouses, manufacturing companies, or fabrication companies will choose to go with a non-illuminated dimensional letter sign because they don’t necessarily have to advertise the location to the public.

As Hustler Hollywood grows, we are happy to help them out with all of their signage needs. Keep an eye out for a blog we’ll be putting out in the near future regarding their new location in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We do many signs for business with multiple locations, from restaurants to hair salons. You can check out some gallery photos on our website by clicking here.