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Los Angeles is always busy with construction, and there are always new signs to be made. Many of our repeat customers are construction companies that need signs for larger scale jobs that they’re working on. One thing that we have a lot of in Los Angeles is schools, and there are always construction jobs for new schools or renovations for existing schools.

Our long-time customer, Del Amo Construction, reached out to us for some signs for a Catholic school in Pacoima, California. They had some existing signs that were very outdated that needed to be replaced, along with some new signs to help improve the campus. From the photos, you can see that we made sign panels for a marquee sign at the entrance, a new panel for a wall sign, dimensional letters for the office building, and a directional sign to guide people to the main office.

Guardian Angel Catholic School believes in “forming the whole person”, by focusing on not only spiritual formation but also human and intellectual formation. They strive to challenge their students to be the best that they can be and wanted to make sure that their exterior signs looked great to attract the attention of any parents that might be interested in enrolling their child.

All of the signs we made except for the longer panel are facing the street, so they wanted to make sure that the signs were easy to read, and would have all of the information they wanted to display, especially the marquee sign. The marquee is two-sided and is positioned on top of a shed so people driving in both directions on the street can see the sign. The marquee sign has the school’s logo, name, what grades they teach, and their phone number and website in case someone wants to call or go online to get more information.

Our designer did a great job of laying out the information in a way that’s easy to read and is sure to help advertise the school.