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IDS Real Estate is an existing customer of ours that manages Westlake North Business Park in Westlake Village, California. They reached out to us because they needed to update some signs in the office building. We’ve made many of the signs in this building so the proofing and production go pretty smoothly. They initially needed us to create a new suite sign, but they were able to find an existing marble backer panel so we just needed to provide them with the clear panel and new vinyl. They had an existing sign that already had the suite number, so they just needed us to make a small vinyl graphic of the tenant’s business name. As you can see from the photos, Paysafe:group┬áhas two suites so they needed two suite signs. They also needed a directory strip for the directory sign so people who are looking for the business can see which suite they are in right when they enter the building.

During proofing, they were able to see how the sign would look so they could approve the design before production. In our first proof, we had “Paysafe Group”, and our client corrected it to “Paysafe:group” for the first revision. After taking a look at the existing signs, the client realized that we didn’t need to include the suite numbers or Braille so they were removed in the final revision, and we added the Westlake North Business Park logo. The only revision on the director strip was adding the colon to the business name.

We routed the acrylic panel from 3/16″ clear acrylic and the edges were sanded. We made two graphics for the business name, and one for the business park’s logo. They already had a full sign up with the suite number for suite 180 and the logo so all we needed to do was add the “Paysafe:group” graphic while we were on-site.┬áThe directory strip consists of a solid clear panel and a black panel that has the business name and suite number routed out of it so the internal light of the directory sign can shine through.