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McRory Pediatric Services offers many different services that benefit both the child, parents, and even siblings. From speech therapy to parent training programs, McRory strives to provide high-quality therapy services to help their clients reach their full potential. We have been helping McRory out with their signage since they first contacted us a few years ago when they were still in their Encino location. They were renting the building at the time, and we installed a few exterior and interior logo signs for them while they were there.

A couple of years later, they bought a building in Tarzana and moved locations. At this time, they reached out to us to relocate some of their existing signs to the new location, and to make them a few new signs. One of the new signs we made for them was a directory sign for each floor of their new, 3-story tall building. The three signs we made are identical and each one lists all of the programs or rooms that are on each floor so you can understand what is on each floor, no matter where you are.

Directory signs are a must for a large building whether your company occupies the entire building or if you’re renting a suite in an office building. If your company occupies the entire building, you will want a sign similar to what we made for McRory Pediatric where they list the different departments on each floor. If you’re in an office building with multiple tenants, you’ll want the directory sign to reflect the different tenants and their suites. This is usually taken care of by the property manager, not the tenants.

People rely on a directory sign to help them find where they need to go. It’s usually a good idea to install one on the 1st floor right where someone first enters the building, and in the line of sight of someone that is entering a new floor.