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Bartz-Altadonna in Lancaster, California had a sign between two of the suites the occupied, but it was non-illuminated so they were looking for a sign company that could make them an illuminated channel letter sign to replace the existing sign. They also occupy the third suite because they own the building so they wanted a 2nd sign identical to the first one to be installed above the doorway of the 3rd suite.

Like most new building signs, we needed to go to the location in person to meet with the client, get a good look at the space we were working with, and get measurements of the sign location. As Bartz-Altadonna owns the building, they didn’t need to adhere to any sign criteria, so they just sent us an art file of the logo they wanted to use and we scaled it to fit the space on the building.

Since the client wanted an electrical sign, we also looked at the inside of the building to figure out the best way to install the sign as it needs to be hardwired. After visiting the location, we learned that the ceiling was about 21’ tall, and the space behind where the sign was going to go was exposed so we decided to make a behind the wall raceway for the sign.

If electricity isn’t running to the face of the building, we need to install the sign using a raceway. We like to install the raceway behind the building when we can so it is not visible and only the channel letters are seen from the outside of the building. Due to the building that Bartz-Altadonna is in, this worked out perfectly.

The logo, “BARTZ-ALTADONNA” and “Community Health Center” were front-lit channel letters but we had to make “Helping”, “People”, and “Heal” into acrylic dimensional letters because they were too small to make into channel letters.