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Westside Property Management is a family-owned and operated, full-service property management company dedicated to professional, prompt and courteous service. They have two offices, one in Calabasas and one in Santa Monica. They were interested in finding a sign company to make a lobby sign for their Santa Monica office and reached out to us after finding our company online.

Lobby signs are very popular for offices, especially for businesses that are located in an office building. Most of the time, you don’t have a storefront or any space for exterior signage if your business is in an office building, so you depend on your interior signage for branding. If a company is getting just one logo sign, it is normally installed in the room that people see when they first enter the office, like a lobby, waiting room, or reception area. In this case, Westside Property Management wanted their sign installed in the reception area above the reception counter so their logo would be the first thing a client or a potential client sees. When they were renovating the interior of the office, they had already decided on a space for the lobby sign so they had lights installed right above where the sign was going so it could stand out and be seen well without the sign itself illuminating.

The sign looks great in Westside Property Management’s reception area and is sure to make a great impression on anyone that enters visits the office. Are you interested in getting a custom logo sign for your business? Whether you want a sign that displays your logo on a backer panel like this one, or a sign with individual dimensional letters that are installed directly onto your wall, we can manufacture an interior sign for you that will be perfect for your unique logo.