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A building sign is crucial for any storefront, especially if your customers visit your location in person. We made this channel letter sign for a creative studio’s new location. This business has multiple locations, so we were given specifications and photos of a previous sign that was made to make sure that all of their storefronts would be uniform. If a business has more than one location, it’s important to make sure that the logo and colors look as similar as possible for branding purposes. From the photos, you can see that they use a script font, and the business type is displayed underneath as a front-lit channel letter box.

The reason that the business wanted a channel letter sign is so they could advertise at nighttime as well as in the daytime. The script letters are front-lit channel letters with day and night vinyl so the letters are black in the daytime but illuminate white at nighttime. This is a great option if your logo is black, but you want your channel letters to be front-lit. You can also use this option if you want the letters to illuminate white at nighttime, but needs to be a different color during the day due to how the white faces will contrast with the wall color. Day and night vinyl comes in other standard colors aside from black, and they are white at nightitme due to the white acrylic faces and white LEDs. The channel letter box just has a white acrylic face with opaque black vinyl.

Having a lighted sign is great for advertising, even if you’re not open late. If someone is driving by a shopping center and your sign is the only one lit up at nighttime, it will make an impact and help the person remember your company name.