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We made a new sign panel for Geller Dentistry, a dentist office in Los Angeles, that already had a bracket for a hanging sign near the sidewalk. If you are just replacing a sign face, you do not need to pull a permit unless you are making any modifications to the bracket itself. To get started on the design, They provided us with their logo, and we pulled “GELLER” and “DENTISTRY” from the logo to repeat the business name at the bottom under the sign.

In order to manufacture the sign, we started with a 1/2″ thick piece of high-density pressboard. The entire panel was 48″ x 36″. As the sign is double-sided, both sides were laminated with brushed aluminum, and we painted the edges metallic silver to match the brushed aluminum. The panel was mounted to the existing post with eye-hooks. We added a border made from 1/4″ thick acrylic which we painted the same color as the sides to match.

The logo and lettering were all made from acrylic. The larger “GELLER DENTISTRY” was 1/4″ thick to match the border. For the logo, we started with a 1/8″ thick white acrylic circle. The “G”, “D”, and the smaller “GELLER” were made from 1/8″ thick painted acrylic and were adhered to the white circle. The smaller “DENTISTRY” letters were made from 1/8″ white acrylic which was adhered to the “D” cut-out. The reason that the acrylic pieces for the logo were 1/8″ thick was becauseĀ it was made in multiple layers. If we also used 1/4″ thick acrylic, it would have ended up coming out further than the border and the larger letters and it would not have looked good. The hanging sign looks great and is sure to attract a lot of attention as it can be seen easily from the street.