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An existing client of ours, Del Amo Construction, reached out to us for ADA signs for a new project that they were working on. Their client, NantWorks, was in need of ADA signs that included room identification signs and stairwell floor identification signs. As you can see from the photos, we made numerous signs of the same style and installed them around the parking garage.

When a construction company reaches out to us for signs, they usually have a pretty good idea of what types of signs they need and what they should look like. Once we’ve determined the quantity, size, and materials, we’re able to provide an accurate quote for the construction company. The signs are just a small part of all of the construction, so we usually receive all of the plans and we need to figure out how many they need of what sign. If we’re awarded the bid, we move forward with the submittals for final review. Submittals are much like the proofing process of our regular signs. Once the submittals have been approved, we start production on the signs. We don’t order the material and start production until everything has been approved just in case specifications need to be changed. We try our best to reduce the number of change orders and installation trips, but if the signs are for a large job, changes can be unavoidable.

ADA signs need to be installed in certain positions so we take our time and make sure that we are accurate when installing the ADA signs. To give a few examples, many ADA signs need to be installed on the side of the door that has the handle for those who are going to read the Braille or feel the tactile lettering that is on the sign. All room identification signs need to have Braille and raised text per ADA standards.