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When you’re getting ready to have a booth at a tradeshow, there is a lot of preparation to be made. One of the most important things is your tradeshow display. There are rows and rows of different companies at tradeshows so you need to find a way to stand out. Depending on the type of business and the type of tradeshow, this can be done in different ways.

665 Inc. found us online and our shop happened to be in the same neighborhood as our office. They reached out to us and spoke with a salesperson regarding what they had in mind for their tradeshow display and the signs that they were considering. Since they were right around the corner, we took a trip over to their office to take a look at what they had so far for the display. They had a fixture that was created to hang their merchandise from. They wanted to mount a box on the top of both sides of the fixture so while we were there, we took plenty of photos and measurements, along with the mounting hardware that they had prepared.

The client also provided us with all of the art files so we could design a sign that would work best for their logo and the fixture. We decided to make them a front-lit channel letter cabinet sign. Much like a channel letter, the returns and back of the box are made from solid aluminum, and the face is translucent so the face will light up. The green lettering was digitally printed while we laid black car wrap vinyl on the rest of the face so only the lettering would illuminate. We normally hardwire lighted signs, but since this sign was not going onto a permanent location like a building or interior wall, we provided a power cord with a plug that exited from the rear of the sign so they could plug it in at the tradeshow location.

During the design process for the illuminated signs, the client decided to add a digital print to the middle section to display the logo and their tagline. This digital print was laminated and mounted to gatorboard.