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First Baptist Church was looking to update some existing signage and get some new signage for their exterior. Most of the signs they needed were directional signs to help visitors navigate through the property easily. As you can see from the photos, one of the signs we made was a post and panel sign. They did have an existing metal sign to direct people to the nursery, but it was just a simple sign with black lettering on a white background with an arrow. They wanted to add more directions to the sign and wanted to update the design to something nicer.

During our site survey, we took measurements of the space where the existing Nursery sign was, and made sure that there was enough room for us to install the sign. Post and panels signs are installed into the ground with concrete so we need an area with soft dirt that is not too close to the sidewalk. Before we even get started with quoting, we also have the client make sure that there aren’t any pipes or sprinkler lines running through where the sign needs to go.

When the client initially contacted us for the signs, they had a rough idea of what they wanted the sign to look like so they sent some artwork over for us to get started. The main changes include the post and the logo placement. In the original design, the sign was to be held up with two metal poles, but the final design features a black vinyl frame that holds the panel. Regarding the design of the actual panel, there weren’t too many major changes aside from the logo being moved around and looking at different font and arrow styles. The cross was originally going to be right next to the name of the church, but we ended up moving it to the side and only having part of the cross showing.