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Our exterior signs are typically installed on a wall or in the ground. But when the space you’re working with doesn’t allow for a typical installation, we need to get creative. First Baptist Church of Canoga Park had reached out to us for exterior signs for wayfinding around their property. One of the signs they needed was something to direct visitors to turn right for one building and turn left for another building. There is a walkway that stops going straight and up until now, you weren’t exactly sure which way you should turn.

Their first design featured a metal pole that would be stuck into the ground with a metal sign screwed onto it, much like a parking sign. However, after taking some time to consider the placements of the sign and after we visited the location and did a walkthrough with the client, they decided to hang the sign from the overhang instead. This installation style would look much nicer than a post sticking out of the ground at the end of the walkways, and allowed for more space without blocking the view of the person walking.

The original design included the church name and logo with arrows that directed you to either the Nursery & Toddler Building, or Snyder Hall for adult, youth, and elementary classrooms with arrows. In the initial mockups, all of the signs had the full name and logo, however, during design revisions, they decided to remove the name, and have a little over half of the logo peeking out from the left side of the sign. This logo style was used in all of the signs we made for First Baptist Church for this project.

Through the design revisions, we changed the wording from “Nursery & Toddler Building” to ” Pre-K Building”, and “Snyder Hall (Adult, Youth, Elementary Classrooms)” to just “Snyder Hall (Adult, Youth, Elementary) as you can see from the photos. A few more minor changes included the placement of the wording, and which arrows to use to properly convey where the person needed to go to reach their destination.