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When First Baptist Church initially reached out to us for exterior signage, they were not planning to replace their existing parking sign. They had an existing metal sign that read “First Baptist Church Main Parking Lot ENTRANCE”. It was a metal sign with vinyl lettering that had been up for a while so the vinyl was beginning to peel and crack. There were also a few dents and stains on the sign so they decided to replace it while they were updating other signage on the property.

All of the new and replacement signs had a similar design that featured the church’s logo and the full church name. For most of the signs on the property like the room identification signs or the wayfinding signs, they decided to remove the full church name and stylize the logo so just part of the cross is showing. This was used for the office signs, directory sign, and the classroom signs. They decided to keep the full church name on the post and panel sign because it is one of the first signs that a visitor will see when entering the property. This is also the reason why they kept the full name on the parking lot entrance sign. There weren’t too many design revisions on this sign, we just adjusted the positioning of the lettering and rounded the green rectangles that make up the cross as we did with the other signs.

After the final designs were approved, we were able to order the material and start on production. This is a fairly simple sign in regards to production; we just digitally printed the information on vinyl and used black vinyl for the black lettering. The digitally printed vinyl is laminated for UV protection, and adhered to a sibond backer panel. The panel was mounted flush to the cinderblock wall with anchors and screws.