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Coldwell Banker is a Real Estate company that was founded in 1906. The first location was in San Francisco, and the company has grown to approximately 3,000 offices in 49 countries. One of their many locations is in Moorpark, California, where we made a compound channel letter sign for the storefront a couple of years back. More recently, we made a lobby sign for the same location. As you can see from the photos, this is a metal letter sign of their logo.

The logo layout is a little different than what we used for the storefront because of the nature of the sign and where it’s going. For the building sign, We had two lines. One that reads “Coldwell Banker” with the logo at the end, and another line that reads “Quality Properties” underneath in smaller writing. As you can see, the lobby sign has “Coldwell” stacked on top of “Banker” and the logo. This works better with the space they’re working with, and “Quality Properties” isn’t necessary to include on the lobby sign because most people who are inside of the business will already know what the business is.┬áThe interior sign is more for interior decor and branding rather than advertising so just the logo will suffice.

The client asked for fabricated steel letters with a brushed finish. Stainless steel can be harder to clean but are much stronger. The standard metal we use for metal signs is aluminum, but we can also fabricate steel letters upon request. Our reverse channel letters are typically 3 1/2″ deep due to the way the LEDs need to illuminate, but as these letters were non-illuminated, we were able to accommodate the 1″ deep letters that the client asked for. It can be a little extra, but we can make your channel letters at whatever depth you wish.