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A couple of years ago, we made a channel letter sign for Coldwell Banker’s Moorpark location’s storefront. At that time, they were also interested in a lobby sign so we got photos of the lobby wall while we were at the site survey for the exterior sign. They wanted to mimic the look of an existing lobby sign that was at another location so they provided a few photos of the sign from different angles. From the photos, we could see that the letters weren’t just dimensional letters, but fabricated channel letters. This is because from the side, you can see that there is a seam between the returns in the face from where the pieces were welded together from the inside. Dimensional letters are routed out of a flat sheet of metal or plastic so it is a solid letter and there is no need to weld the face to the returns. Channel letters are hollow and are called “channel letters” because they are letters with channels inside for LEDs. These signs can also be non-illuminated which is what we did for this sign.

During the exterior sign project, they weren’t quite ready to start on the lobby sign so the project was put on the backburner for a little bit. We kept all of the photos and information regarding what they needed so we were able to pull it out once they were ready

The client had asked for the height of the letters to be 9″ tall so we made the rest of the dimensions to scale resulting in an overall 21.58″ x 73.29″ sign. As we mentioned previously, the returns and faces are two separate pieces that are welded together. The returns are bent from 1″ stainless steel coil and the faces were routed from stainless steel with a horizontal brush finish.