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Chronic Tacos started here in Southern California and has now grown to have over 60 locations worldwide. We’ve done many signs for their Southern California locations and other locations that we are able to service like Las Vegas and a sign in North Carolina that we shipped. After we finished the compound channel letter sign we usually make for their storefront, they asked us to make an interior sign for the same location.

There is a soffit right above the counter and they wanted to use the space wisely. They already had space to put the menu up, so they decided to dedicate the rest of the space to their tagline, “Taco Life”. They sent us the artwork for the lettering and we provided them with a rendering to show how the letters would look in the space. The initial design was 2′ tall. After seeing the rendering, they decided to change the typeface and had us revise the proof and rendering. This new font was a little taller so the overall sign height increased to 27″.

Chronic Tacos wanted letters with depth so we decided to use foam as it is an inexpensive dimensional letter option. The foam is laminated with a white acrylic face and the letters are routed per the art file. As you can see from the in-shop photos, the foam is black so you can see it from the side. When laminating foam with acrylic or aluminum, you can see the sides unless you paint them another color. However, black is a great base color to use because it is neutral and creates a shadow effect rather than making it obvious that the faces and sides are two different colors. The letters were individually mounted with VHB and silicone. The VHB helps hold the letters in place while the silicone dries.