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We are consistently making different types of signs for different Forest Lawn locations. Not only is this due to the fact that they have 6 memorial parks and 5 planning centers which require their own unique signage, but they also hold many events and require updates on signage around the properties to help improve visitor experience. A few months back, they had reached out to us for some “Caution” signs for the Hollywood Hills location, one of the memorial parks.

As with most of their signage, they already have all of the dimensions and artwork ready and they just need us to make the signs for them. It makes the entire process very easy if the client already knows exactly what they want because there is no time wasted making design revisions.

The artwork they provided was digitally printed onto 3M brand vinyl. We laminated the prints with Oroguard glossy laminate for UV protection, and laid the prints onto .063 white aluminum. These signs were single-sided so the back was kept blank and white. Forest Lawn wanted these signs to be mounted into the ground so we used double stake frames to hold the prints. The installation wasn’t going to be too complicated so we shipped the signs to the location and the client installed them themselves. The signs just need to go into soft dirt which Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills has plenty of.

These signs will definitely help visitors be aware of the fact that they are near a hill so they need to watch out for uneven ground and wildlife in the area. The great thing about digitally printed signs is that we can display whatever information you need. Mounted digital prints can also be installed on walls, not just into the ground so there are many options when it comes to custom made digitally printed signs.