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The Modern LA is a new luxury apartment in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. Silver Lake is an Eastside neighborhood that is known for its trendy lifestyle and modern architecture, hence the name for this new apartment complex. The Modern LA is surrounded by many popular restaurants, cafes, and theaters and is only a short walk away from Silver Lake Reservoir. We were working with Westside Contractors on this residential building for almost 2 years for the exterior signage, ADA signs, and parking garage signs.

Westside Contractors is a general contractor that specializes in pre-construction and construction of residential, mixed use, and multifamily projects throughout Southern California. They pride themselves in their rigorous subcontractor selection process and we have been working with them for several years, providing signage for different types of projects.

There were two exterior signs we made for The Modern LA. One was an illuminated sign to display the apartment’s name, and we made a second sign that was non-illuminated to display the address. The Modern LA spans the width of an entire block so the front is facing Griffith Park Blvd., and the building continues to Hyperion Ave. where many of the well-known businesses are located. Both of the signs we made are located on Griffith Park Blvd. because both the name of the building and the address need to be visible near the main entrance. It’s common for people to look up a location by the name, not the address so having the name light up is very important for helping people locate the building both in the daytime and at nighttime.

An address number sign is always necessary, and we made one that is prominently displayed next to the entrance. We didn’t just put up the address numbers, the sign also displays the street name.