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While we do many signs for offices, retail stores, and restaurants, we also work on signage projects for entire buildings like schools, office buildings or apartment complexes which include both exterior and interior signage. Interior signage in public facilities needs to be up to code per the Americans with Disabilities Act. For ADA sign projects, we are usually contracted by a construction company or a general contractor.

The photos in this article are the various signs we made for The Modern LA, a new luxury apartment complex in Silver Lake, California. This was a project that one of our long-time customers, Westside Contractors was working on.

When a contractor is bidding on a new project, we receive an invitation to bid with all of the plans that call out the necessary signage. We then go through all of the plans to get a count on all of the signs and do a material take-off. A take-off is a list of materials with quantifies and types that are necessary to make all of the signs. We provide this to the client so they understand what signs they need, and the take-off is also necessary for us to price out the job.

Once we have all of the information regarding the scope of the work, we are able to submit a bid to manufacture and install the signs. Our client then includes our bid in their bid to the owner for the entire project. Depending on the job, this process can vary in the timeframe. Sometimes addendums come through and we need to make changes to the bid. If we are awarded the bid, we start on submittals. Submittals are shop drawings, material data, samples, and product data that we submit for the client to approve.

From here, we may go through change orders, site meetings, and inspector meetings until we are ready for installation. The building can’t open to the public before the proper signs are installed so the plans for signage are usually done alongside the actual construction. We were working on this project for about a year a half from when we bid on the job to when the signs were installed.

The Modern LA is now completed and has all of the necessary signage to function as an apartment complex. You can check out the exterior signs we made for this project here.