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Chello was looking for a local sign company for signage for their new restaurant. They needed a storefront sign, monument sign faces, and a banner. The previous tenant had a cabinet sign and they weren’t sure whether they wanted to simply replace the cabinet sign face with a new one, or completely remove the face and install a channel letter sign. The client already had a design for both the storefront and the monument sign so he provided us with the artwork. After going out to the location to get the proper measurements, we sized the artwork to match the dimensions of the storefront and monument sign for the quote. After making sure that the landlord was okay with replacing the cabinet sign with a channel letter sign, we provided them with a quote for the new sign, and a less expensive option to just replace the face.

As you can see from the photos, they ended up going with the channel letters. The original design read “ESPRESSO”, “COFFEE”, only part of the the logo which just said “Chello”, “PERSIAN BUFFET”, and “PASTRIES”. But since we were doing a channel letter sign, we decided to include the entire logo in the middle which says “ESTD 2016”  and “GRAB A BITE”. After seeing the rendering, they decided to change “TAKE A BITE” to “PERSIAN CAFE”. They also decided to remove “COFFEE” because they were already advertising “ESPRESSO” and added “SANDWICHES” and “CATERING”. After seeing the revised rendering, they realized that having “PERSIAN CAFE” on the logo and “PERSIAN BUFFET” in yellow was repetitive so we shortened “PERSIAN BUFFET” to just “BUFFET” and we put “PERSIAN BUFFET” on the logo.

We removed the existing cabinet sign first and put up a “Coming Soon” banner while we were working on the permanent sign. However, we ran into an issue after we removed the existing sign. There was a pole that was not visible prior to the removal that was going to get in the way of the channel letters. We had to go back to designing and after consulting with the client, we ended with the current design.

Now that we had finalized the design, we got approval from both the client and the landlord and applied for a sign permit. After securing the permit, we were able to make the sign and install it in time for the restaurant to open.