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If you are a business that is open to the public, it is crucial to make sure that your storefront looks inviting to help you gain new customers. Chello Persian Buffet was moving into a shopping center in Chatsworth, California and knew how important it was to advertise their new business. They searched online for a local sign company to make their storefront building sign and replace the existing monument sign faces of the previous tenant with panels that reflect their new restaurant. After these signs were completed and they were getting ready to open, they asked us about window vinyl.

Many storefronts will have a lot of window space that can be utilized in different ways depending on your type of business. For example, retail stores will want to use the space to display their merchandise while restaurants would want to keep the space open so people can see into the restaurant while the customers seated can have a nice view while enjoying their meal. However, keeping the windows completely blank would mean that you’re missing out on the opportunity to advertise your business even more.

As you can see from the photos, the liquor store next door is using their window space to advertise the different alcohol brands they carry and the numbers on the current lotteries to show that they sell popular brands of beer along with lottery tickets. Pizza Hut next door is using their window space to display their well-known logo, and a brief list of their most popular food items, pizza, pasta, and wings.

Chello is also a food establishment, but their menu is a little different as they are a sit-down restaurant. Because of this, they decided to use their ample window space to list pricing and deals that they offer so people who have not been to the restaurant before can get an idea of the pricing. This is a great idea for a new restaurant that wants to gain customers.

The storefront looks great and is sure to attract plenty of new customers