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Chello Persian Buffet had initially reached out to us for a channel letter sign for the storefront, new monument sign faces, and a “Coming Soon” banner to get ready to open their new restaurant. The “Coming Soon” banner was the first priority, so we had that up in August. After we secured the permit for the channel letter sign and completed manufacturing, we were able to get the permanent sign up in October. On the same trip, we installed the new monument sign faces.

A couple of months later, we finalized the permit and the client reached out to us again to ask if we can make window graphics for them. We had not taken measurements of the windows during the initial site survey as we were not planning to do anything with the windows at that time so the client measured the glass on the windows that he wanted the graphics on, and sent the measurements over to us with the information he wanted to display. The storefront consists of a set of double doors and 3 full-length windows on either side. The windows have one horizontal mullion that divides the windows into two sections of which we only applied graphics to the top section of the glass as it is closer to eye level.

There were a few small changes which included changing some wording and moving some lines around. The client had asked about using the same yellow as the channel letters or another color but we advised against it as other colors would not be as visible. Unless a specific color is absolutely necessary, white vinyl is the top

choice for window vinyl lettering as it will stand out against whatever is in the background the best.

The window graphics were able to be installed right around the grand opening, and the storefront is complete.