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There are many different ways to utilize interior signs inside of your restaurant. You can put up wall graphics, logo signs, or display different products or food items that your business offers. We had helped Chello Persian Cafe out with their exterior signage to focus on attracting customers to the new business. The next step was the interior signage to help improve the experience of the patrons.

Chello Persian Cafe is a brand new restaurant so they wanted to make sure that their business gained awareness. We repeated their logo on their storefront sign, monument sign faces, and inside of the restaurant as an interior logo sign. They already had their own ideas for artwork but they wanted a logo sign that could be seen as you enter the restaurant. A logo sign works great in all businesses including retail stores, restaurants, and offices. Repeating your logo helps to create brand awareness. Restaurants can also do this by having their logo on the menu and on different customized products like to-go bags and napkins.

Along with logo signs, restaurants can also benefit from other interior signs like wall graphics or mounted digital prints. Using our wide format printer, we can create customized full wall graphics that are basically like custom wallpaper just for your business. If you don’t want to cover the entire wall, we can also mount custom digital prints on a rigid backer panel and mount them onto the wall. In the past, we have even framed digital prints for a showroom which resulted in a very high-end display of their products.

Are you opening a new restaurant or re-designing the interior? There are many options when it comes to interior restaurant signage and they are all customizable. Give us a call today to get started on your custom restaurant signage.