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Late last year we were in the process of permitting a channel letter sign for Chello Persian Cafe, a new Persian buffet that opened earlier this year in Chatsworth, CA. As we were in the middle of manufacturing for the exterior storefront sign, Chello reached out to us regarding some interior signage they were interested in getting. They provided us with renderings from a Designer with ideas for the interior and the renderings included two interior logo signs.

One logo sign was a non-illuminated sign that was to be installed on the buffet table, and the other was an illuminated sign that included the cookie shape and all of the details that were used for the storefront sign. After reviewing the cost for both signs and how we would make them, the client decided to move forward with just the non-illuminated sign.

In the original design, we had “Chello” with the underline all in black and we sized the sign to fit on the counter where all of the food would be laid out. We were just going to use black acrylic and mount the letters to the counter with 3M VHB and silicone. Before proofing, the client decided to add color to the sign instead of keeping it black. We provided a proof with “Chello” in yellow and the underline in orange but after seeing the rendering, they decided to make the accent over the “e” orange also.

We went back and forth with a couple of color options, but the client ended up visiting our shop in person to look at the Pantone books and pick out the colors. Although you can view Pantone colors online, the colors can look different in person due to different screen settings and different printers. The best thing to do if you want to make sure that you are getting a color you want is to look through a paint book or a Pantone book in person.