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Light Box Signs Indoor for Dentist Office in Mission Hills, CA Mission Hills Dental is a general and specialty dentist’s office in Mission Hills, California that prides themselves in the utilization of state-of-the-art dental technology. To make sure that their interior design was up to date just like their dental practices. If you are a high-end business, you want to make sure that your decor reflects this. One of the most important spaces in a dental office is the waiting room as it is the first room that your patients will see, and where they will be spending time while waiting for their appointment.

The most common type of waiting room area sign is a logo sign. Especially if you don’t have a storefront, it’s good to have a logo sign in your lobby or reception area so someone that is walking in can make sure that they are in the right suite. This is the case with Mission Hills Dental who is renting a suite in a larger office building. They wanted a few logo signs and a “Mission Statement” sign. This week, we’ll be focusing on the main logo sign which was an illuminated push-thru letter sign.

The illuminated sign was to be the most prominent so it was installed on a wall behind the reception counter in between two doors. The gold color of their logo looks great with their new blue and white interior.

A push-thru letter sign is an acrylic letter sign that is internally illuminated. The sign consists of an aluminum box that has the letters and logo routed out of it. Acrylic letters replace the empty space and they are “pushed through” from the back hence the name of the sign. As the acrylic is translucent, only the letters light up when the sign is internally illuminated. You can keep the letters white or apply vinyl to the faces like we did with this sign. As the logo included a gradient, we digitally printed the logo onto translucent vinyl and applied it to the faces of the acrylic letters.

A push-thru letter sign can be made with any logo or lettering. It can be a standalone box like this sign or be used on replacement sign panels like a monument sign face or a roof sign face.