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Last week we focused on the illuminated sign we made for Mission Hill Dental’s reception area, which was a push thru letter sign. Along with the illuminated logo sign, we also made a “Mission Statement” sign for the reception area, and two more logo signs for the hallway. The push thru letter sign was the main sign which is why they wanted it to be illuminated, but the other signs didn’t need to be illuminated so we made acrylic backer panel signs.

The “Mission Statement’ sign was made from cut white vinyl lettering on a clear acrylic backer panel, and the logos were digitally printed and adhered to the acrylic backer panel for the hallway signs. The Mission Statement is in the main reception area with the main logo sign. The additional logo signs were installed at the top of the columns in the hallway to repeat the logo throughout the office. A Mission Statement is good to have in the reception area so it is seen when someone first walks into the office, and they are able to read it while they are in the waiting room.

Logo repetition is a common thing that businesses will do to create brand recognition. Businesses will repeat their logo or certain colors around the business, on their website, and all of their other marketing material to make the customer familiar with the brand. Brand recognition is great for building trust and creating return customers, along with having a comfortable interior as Mission Hills Dental does.

Mission Hills Dental renovated the interior of their office to reflect their high-end business practice, and we were able to provide them with high-end signage to match. The logo signs and Mission statement signs look great with their new interior and is sure to help improve their patient’s experience at the office.