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We were contacted by Advent Results, a design firm, to assist the Uytengsu Aquatics Center in the University of Southern California (USC) with updating about a dozen existing plaques that they had on the diving boards. We were to make new backer panels to mount the plaques, remove the existing plaques and backer panels, and install the new backer panels that we made along with new plaques that were provided to us.

The first step was to visit the location to understand how the existing plaques were made and mounted, take reference photos, and of course, take necessary measurements. After we were able to get a final count of exactly how many new backer panels they needed us to make and how many removal and installations we would be doing, we were able to provide them with an accurate quote. We try our best to be as accurate as possible with our initial quote which is why we like to visit the location first in case we notice anything that the client didn’t.

Once the client reviews the cost and approves the quote, we start on proofing. The proof lays out all of the specifications of the sign that we are making which includes the dimensions, material specifications, mounting style, quantity, and renderings if applicable. Once the proof is approved, we start on production. The backer panels we made were routed from 1/4″ thick aluminum. The mounting arms were also routed out of 1/4″ aluminum and were welded to the backer.

The plaques needed to be removable so we used a bolt that threads through the backer panel to the plaque to hold the plaque in place. The location of the mounting holes varied with each plaque so we had to make sure that each backer panel matched up with the plaque that was going to be installed onto it.

Once all of the plaques and backer panels were completed, we were able to go to USC to install all of them. As you can see from the photos, the plaques were installed to make sure that they are very secure on the diving boards.