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Famous Apples is a caramel apple boutique that just opened a retail location at the Northridge Fashion Center, a very popular mall in the San Fernando Valley. Famous Apples creates caramel apples with different designs and themes that you can order for parties and events and now, you can sit down at their physical location to enjoy their delicious caramel apples or to take a look at the different designs they offer for your next event.

If you are located around other businesses, having an appealing storefront is the best way to attract new customers. Being in a shopping center or a plaza is great, but having your location inside of a popular mall is the best advertisement. Along with the enormous amount of foot traffic, Famous Apples will also get a lot of recognition from being listed on the mall directory both on the physical directories in the mall and online.

Famous Apples also snagged a great location. They are right next to the restaurants so the spot is perfect for someone to stop by for dessert after dinner, a movie, or a shopping trip. To optimize their walk-ins, they knew that it was important to have an illuminated sign, especially since many people would be looking for somewhere to stop for dessert after dinner. If your business is open after sunset or if you want to keep advertising into the night, an illuminated sign is a must.

There are many different types of illuminated signage and the style we use is dependent on what you want your sign to look like. Your logo also plays a huge part in what type of sign you should get. If you look at Famous Apple’s website, their logo consists of a white oval with the company name inside of it. As they had already been doing business before they had a brick-and-mortar location, it’s important to make sure that their storefront sign logo matched the logo on their website. To stay true to the logo and give them an illuminated sign, we made them a custom front-lit channel letter box.