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Studio Inc. is a design firm that was working on Voodoo, a new clothing store in downtown Los Angeles. As part of their design work, they were looking for a sign company to make the storefront sign and found us online. Like most design firms, Studio Inc. provided us with a rendering to show us what they had in mind for the signage. After we went out to the location to get the storefront measurements, we were able to scale the sign based on their rendering for a quote.

They had already finalized the logo and the logo color but were exploring both illuminated and non-illuminated options. For the non-illuminated option, we quoted them aluminum dimensional letters and for the illuminated option, we quoted reverse-lit channel letters. For both options, we included custom painting to paint the sign their logo color. After reviewing both costs and weighing the options, they decided to go with the illuminated channel letter option.

After the sign type was decided on, we just made a few changes regarding the sign location before the proof was approved. Once the permit was secured, we were able to start on production. These are reverse-lit channel letters so the faces and sides of the letters are opaque and the back is clear. The faces were routed from aluminum and welded to the returns that we hand-bent to the shape of the letters that were also made from aluminum. The aluminum was painted the custom purple logo color, and the last step was to put the LEDs inside of each of the letters and close the face off with a clear Lexan face on the back. The letters were mounted spaced off of the wall so the LEDs could create a halo effect around all of the letters.

We wired everything into the wall from inside of the store and the client closed up the wall after we were done and put a panel in so we could access the electricals in the future if needed.