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El Camino Charter Real High School is updating their North Campus in West Hills, California and we were contracted by their construction company for their signage. This week we’ll be focusing on the interior signs which are crucial for a school to help students, faculty, and visitors navigate through the campus with ease.

El Camino Charter Real High School North Campus focuses on personalization and customized learning experiences that capitalize on each individual student’s strengths and interests. With this one-size-fits-all approach, they are able to be more flexible and personalized than a traditional classroom.

We made a total of 28 room identification signs and a Fire Alarm Control Room Sign to be installed throughout the campus. Not only do classrooms need to be identified, but there are also many other rooms in a school that include labs, faculty lounges, faculty dining, kitchens, resource rooms, data rooms, studios, storage, janitor rooms, auditoriums, and reception areas. Room identification signs are commonly installed right next to the opening of the door on the side that the door opens. These signs have tactile lettering so those with vision impairment are able to feel the letters to read them and understand that the door handle directly next to the sign will be for the room that the sign is indicating.

We are all finished with the interior signs and in the process of getting their exterior signs put up. Exterior signs can take longer due to the fact that sign permits are required and we don’t start manufacturing or even order the materials before we have a permit secured.

Whether you are getting signs a school, an office building, or a hospital, if you have many different rooms, you will want to get room identification signs to make sure that students, employees, patients, clients, and visitors can all navigate through your building easily.