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We were working on a monument sign refurbishment for a shopping center in North Glendale so we went out to the location to do a site survey. While we were on site, the owner mentioned that they were also interested in updating their storefront box signs. There were a total of 6 cabinet signs on the property and they wanted to do an LED conversion and get new faces for five of them. The side retainers for some of the signs needed to be replaced so we got all of the needed measurements to quote them for the cabinet sign updates. One of the cabinet signs was pretty damaged on one side so we decided to replace the sign entirely. They asked us to prime the boxes and retainers but to keep them unpainted as they were planning to have a painter take care of it while they were painting the building and the monument sign we were also refurbishing.

The first step was to remove the existing signs so we could take them back to our shop for repair or disposal. We replaced 3 bottom retainers and 4 side retainers on 3 of the existing boxes and made a brand new 24″ x 120″ box sign to replace the 4th sign. The retainers are made from aluminum and they are routed, welded, sanded, and primed in-house by our fabricators.

Meanwhile, we were working with the owner and tenants to finalize the artwork for the sign faces. Most of the changes revolved around the colors for the Stocker Market sign. We went through a few different renditions that included changing the colors of the background, lettering, and lettering border. We updated the mockups on the proof so the clients could see how the sign faces would look in person and make any necessary changes. As you can see from the photos, Stocker Market ended up going with a green background and black letters that have a white border. The smaller letters have a red border to help them stand out a little more.