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 Unit ID Sign for Mixed Use Building in Los Angeles, CA The Mansfield is a mixed-use building located in Miracle Mile, a neighborhood in Central Los Angeles. This seven-story building contains 138 apartments, two floors of lofts, and three levels of parking spaces so we knew that they would be needing many room identification signs and signs for the parking garage. The Mansfield also offers many amenities like a pool, jacuzzi, firepits, a gym, lounges, a clubhouse, storage lockers, an outdoor movie theater, and four large decks with views of downtown and the Hollywood Hills which added to the signage count.

We were offered to bid for the job by the construction company, T.B. Penick, so they could benefit from our signage expertise. Along with the obvious room identification signs, there are many different types of signs that a new building requires such as evacuation maps, exit route signs, and stair floor signs just to name a few. Many of these signs are required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which is why construction companies like T.B. Penick look for a professional sign company that can help them make sure that all of the necessary signs are in place. If the fire inspector finds that there are required signs missing, the building is not allowed to open to the public so signage is a crucial part of new construction.

Elevator Evacuation Sign for Mixed Used Building in Los Angeles, CAAnother reason you would want to work with a sign company like us is that we create customized signs that will look good with your building while being ADA compliant. As you can see from the photos, many of the signs we made have a black background and white lettering, but we also made a few signs that were painted brushed aluminum or had a white background with black copy. Rather than just creating the same signs in bulk, we can customize each one depending on where it is going.