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ADA Compliant Room Sign for School in Los Angeles, CA University Hall is the largest building on the Loyola Marymount Campus and it houses many different departments, one of which is Marketing & Communications University Advancement. They were undergoing a remodel and were in need of interior signs.

When it comes to ADA signs, there are certain signs that are required such as room identification signs, restroom signs, stair signs, evacuation maps, and exit route signs. All of these need to be made to certain specifications in order to pass inspection. Along with the ADA signs, we also made an interior wall sign that reads “Marketing & Communications University Advancement” in dimensional lettering.

Interior signs are crucial for helping students, faculty, and visitors navigate through the building easily. Room identification signs and restroom signs help identify each room, stair signs help identify the stairwell and let you know what floor you’re on, and evacuation maps and exit route signs help you find the exit in case of emergencies. We’re so used to these signs helping us navigate that only when they are missing or not properly made, we notice their absence.

The dimensional letter wall sign was also crucial to identify the department. Without the sign, you would not know that this section of the building is Marketing & Communications University Advancement. As the letters were going to be the same color as the wall, dimensional letters worked better than using something 2-dimensional like vinyl so the letters would be more visible.

No matter the style of sign, if you have a building with different rooms like an office building or a school, you’ll want to have identification signs both outside and inside of the building. Some examples of outside identification signs are school name signs and entrance signs. Interior identifications signs are the ones shown in this blog like room identification signs and exit signs.