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ADA Compliant Room Sign for School in Los Angeles, CAWe’ve done many interior signs for many different types of buildings which include schools, office buildings, hospitals, and more. All new buildings or newly renovated buildings need ADA compliant signs to pass inspection. We are experienced in designing and manufacturing ADA compliant signs that will look good with your interior.

The Marketing & Communication University Advancement Department in Loyola Marymount University Hall was undergoing renovation and was in need of modern looking ADA signs. ADA signs consist of room identification signs, exit route signs, restroom signs, evacuation maps, and more. These signs have specifications that we need to adhere to such as Braille, raised copy, and sans serif font to name a few. As long as the color of the copy contrasts with the color of the background, we can virtually use any color the client desires. As you can see from these photos, we went with a brushed aluminum backer panel with black copy for these signs. Both brushed aluminum and black are colors that go great with almost anything, and they complement each other well so this color combination is pretty popular for signs.

Most of the time, these signs are just installed onto drywall or in this case, cubicles, with adhesive. But as you can see from the wall for the Conference Room sign, we needed to install this sign onto glass. Interior glass walls like this are becoming increasingly popular, especially for conference rooms. When we install a sign onto clear glass, it is inevitable that you will be able to see the adhesive or mounting hardware from the other side and it does not look good or professional. In cases like this, we cut vinyl backers in the same exact shape as the sign and apply them on the other side of the glass. For these signs, we used metallic silver vinyl to match the signs. As you can see from the photos, this is a simple and easy solution that is very effective.