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Exterior Dimensional Letter Sign for McRocy Pediatric in Santa Clarita, CAMcRory Pediatric Services was moving one of their locations and reached out to us for some new signage. They were previously renting space in a large office building in Santa Clarita, but they recently purchased a building on the same street so they were able to put up a large logo sign on the new building. We’ve made exterior building signs for McRory Pediatric in the past as they have another location in Tarzana. We made an identical sign to the one that we made for the Tarzana building, it was just scaled to be an appropriate size for the building. McRory has very specific logo colors, so we made them a custom painted acrylic dimensional letter sign. The logo and letters are routed from 1/2″ acrylic that is then custom painted to the PMS colors of their choosing. The letters were stud mounted as exterior letters need to be stud mounted in order for the permit to be approved and to pass inspection.

Depending on the city, there are different regulations for signage when it comes to permitting. In Santa Clarita, one of the regulations is that a sign can be no taller than 24″ tall, otherwise, it needs to go through a sign review before the permit can get approved. The sign we were planning to make for McRory’s new building was 54″ tall. This was based on the space we had to work with on the building, and how the sign would look in relation to the size of the building. If the sign was 24″ or shorter, it wouldn’t suit the size of the building, and the building would be easy to miss. This could be dangerous because the street is on an incline so if someone missed the building and needed to make a u-turn, they would need to do so on a street where people are driving at a high speed to go up and down the hill.

We were able to get the permit approved, and put up a sign that suits the building and looks great.