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We all know the iconic Hustler Hollywood store on Sunset Strip. Hustler Hollywood currently has 20 retail locations and the very first one was the one in West Hollywood. Earlier this year, they had a grand re-opening of their flagship store because they were moving to a new location. The new location wasn’t far, it’s actually on the next block over across the street. However, the new storefront was completely different from their last one and they needed some new signs. We’ve done many signs for different Hustler Hollywood stores, mainly the interior graphics as most of the stores are out of state. This location was much closer and easier to get to for installations so they asked us for a few different types of signs. Before we made the permanent signs, we put up some temporary window vinyl to advertise the new location.

Your storefront presentation is crucial if you’re a retail store and signage plays a very important role. The main sign we made was the storefront building sign that displays the business name. Being such an iconic store, it’s important to make sure that the name “HUSTLER HOLLYWOOD” is displayed prominently and can be seen from traffic. These are open-face channel letters with red LED bulbs and faux neon LED tubing.

“NOVELTIES”, “APPAREL”, and “LINGERIE” are illuminated box signs that we attached to the inside of the window mullions. They are the same size as the window openings so, from the outside, you just see the words perfectly framed by the windows, and at nighttime, the white letters are internally illuminated. We did this by using translucent white faces for the sign face and applying opaque black vinyl that had the letters cut out. The last thing we added to the storefront was faux neon tubing around the large windows on either side of the door. These are LED tubes that are meant to mimic the look of traditional neon.

Lastly, we made two large graphics for the interior of the store. These are large format digital prints that are mounted to a sibond backer panel and were installed on the outside of the dressing room walls.