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Hustler Hollywood was moving their Sunset Blvd. location in West Hollywood so they reached out to us for some new signage. Their new location is just down the street so they are still on Sunset Blvd. As they are a well-known store on a popular street, their storefront presence is very important. As you can see from the photos, we made a couple of storefront signs and a couple of interior signs.

For the main exterior sign, they wanted an open-faced channel letter sign. Many of their stores have these vintage style signs, and their popularity has been growing recently. “HUSTLER” had LED bulbs, and “HOLLYWOOD” had faux neon tubes. When these types of signs were first popular, LED wasn’t the standard so the neon in the channel letters would be made from real neon tubes. While faux neon LEDs are more expensive than traditional neon, you can save a lot of money on your electricity bill by switching to LEDs. Neon uses 15,000V as opposed to the 12V that the LEDs use. We also lined the two side windows with faux neon LED tubing but these were purple.

The last set of signs we made for the storefront were illuminated box signs. Any electrical signs need to have space for the LEDs and wiring, but if we put the box signs on the outside of the windows, they would protrude out 3″. To create more of a sleek look, we installed the signs inside with the words facing out and attached the signs to the window mullions.

Lastly, we created a set of graphics for the interior. These are large format digital prints that are mounted onto a rigid backer and mounted onto the walls outside of the dressing room.

Hustler Hollywood had their grand re-opening for their new Sunset location earlier this year so if you’re in the West Hollywood area, be sure to give them a visit and take a look at the signs in person.