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Burbank Paint Company is a standalone shop in Burbank, California with a variety of painting supplies, hardware, and home maintenance products. They have a couple of main signs around the store which include a storefront sign, a pole sign, and a parking sign. The storefront sign is important of course because it identifies the business and in many cases, the entrance. The business occupies the entire building so they have a parking lot all to themselves. There are many other businesses in the area, so they have a sign at the entrance of the parking lot that signifies that the parking lot is for Burbank Paint customers only.

The last large sign they have is the pole sign. The business is located on the corner of S San Fernando Blvd and E Providencia Ave. so having a pole sign right on the corner is perfect for advertising and to help identify the business. The pole sign faces were damaged in an accident so they were looking to get them replaced. Since we were going to need to remove the existing faces anyway, they decided to have the fluorescent tubes replaced at the same time. A pole sign is a very prominent sign so it is important that it is maintained well.

If the space you’re leasing or buying has an existing pole sign, you want to make sure to take advantage of the advertising space. Building a new pole sign is a lot of work as it involves a lot of time, money, and permitting but changing the face on an existing pole sign doesn’t require any permitting, you just need to know the exact dimensions of the sign faces you need, and a sign company that can make them.

The new faces look great, and with the new bulbs, they are sure to help customers find the location and attract new customers to the business.