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CarpalAID moved to a new location and was interested in getting new signs and moving an existing sign. For the building sign, they were considering a dimensional letter sign where the letters and logo are routed from a rigid material and mounted directly onto the wall. The exterior dimensional letter signs we make are typically 3/8″ to 1/2″ thick. As you can see from the photos, their exterior wall is not flat so this posed an issue when it came to how we would install the sign. So instead of mounting the letters directly onto the wall, we stud mounted the letters on a backer panel first and then installed the sign as one piece onto the wall. The backer panel is just a 4′ x 8′ sheet of .080 white aluminum.

At their last location, they had a double-sided monument sign that displayed their logo. They couldn’t take the entire monument sign to the new location since it was installed into the ground, however, they were able to take the faces with their logo on it because the panels were removable. Instead of building an entirely new monument sign at their location which would take a lot of time, money, and permitting, we made them a custom post and panel sign frame to match the size of their existing sign faces exactly so they could be displayed at the new location.

We made a few window graphics for them of their logo, two that were in full color and two were cut from etched vinyl. The two in color were digitally printed and applied to exterior doors. The etched vinyl ones were installed indoors as they wanted these to be a little more subtle rather than identifying the entrance to the business. We digitally printed the graphics instead of using pre-colored vinyl because they had specific logo colors they wanted to use and due to the size and quantity, it was more practical to digitally print them rather than buying three different vinyl colors for two small graphics.