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Lacerta Group is a packaging company that creates packaging for food, cosmetics, retail, electronics, medical businesses and more. After being around for 25 years, they have perfected their products and their in-house design processes. Their headquarters is in Massachusetts, but they have many different locations throughout the United States including a location right in our neighborhood of Chatsworth, California. As you can see from the photos, we made a few exterior signs for this location that all face the street to help visitors in different ways.

The most noticeable sign from the street is the monument sign. There was an existing monument sign that we removed the letters from and sanded and repainted the faces. We then made Lacerta Group’s logo from vinyl and applied it to the newly painted faces. This sign is perpendicular to the street so it is very easy to see the logo no matter which direction you are driving from.

The building sign can also be seen from the street, but it is more for people who are in the parking lot after they’ve located the building by seeing the monument sign. The building sign is typically located near the entrance to the business so you can find the entrance by approaching the sign.

On the right side of the parking lot, there is another smaller ground-mounted sign which is a post and panel sign. We also removed the old logo from this sign, sanded and painted the faces, and put Lacerta Group’s logo on in vinyl. The entrance to the parking lot is between this sign and the monument sign so you can clearly see where to enter for Lacerta Group.

The last sign we made for them was a gate sign. The gate sign displays Lacerta Group’s logo and “SHIPPING” and “RECEIVING” so pick-ups and drop-offs will know where to go right when they enter the parking lot. This sign can also be seen from the street as you are driving into the parking lot.