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When you’re getting a channel letter sign for your storefront, you want to find a full-service sign company like Resource 4 Signs to handle everything from manufacturing, permitting, and installation. This may not be common knowledge, but all exterior advertising signs in Los Angeles need to be permitted. Typically, whoever installs the sign is the one that pulls the permit, and the manufacturer knows the sign the best for all of the permitting information so it is best to find a company that can do it all.

First, we start by providing you with an estimate for a sign based on your logo, what you want the sign to look like, and what type of signage you are allowed per the city and your landlord if applicable. The total area you are allowed for your signage is based on your storefront width or building frontage. Once we establish how large your sign can be, we need to check if your landlord also has any sign criteria. Depending on the landlord, they may be fine with any sign or be very specific even down to the colors and materials that you are allowed to use. Specific landlord sign criteria are more common in shopping centers as there is typically a sign program that has already been submitted to the city. In order to apply for a sign permit, we need a sign off from both you and the landlord so it is important to make sure that we have all of the criteria before we quote you for a sign so there are no major changes after a price has already been decided on.

Once we have secured a permit, we can start manufacturing. The city can request any changes so we do not order material or start any of the production until we know that the city has approved the design and all of the specifications. If the sign is illuminated, we need to make sure that we have access to the electricals and that we detail everything we need to hook up the sign to electricity. In Los Angeles, the sign also needs to be hooked up to an astronomical time clock in order to pass inspection. After the sign has been installed, we schedule a final inspection with the city to finalize the permit which is the last step in the process.

A lot goes into an exterior channel letter sign than most would think, but we have manufactured, permitted, and installed channel letters signs numerous times in Los Angeles, so we are the best choice for a full-service sign company in Los Angeles. If you’re ready to get started on your custom channel letter sign, give us a call to get started.