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The Hanger is a new burger bar located in Fresno, California. They pride themselves on the support they bring to local businesses by sourcing many of their ingredients from local farms in California’s Central Valley. Their chef has worked in the Los Angeles area for over the past eight years and aims to create an original craft burger and beer restaurant for the whole family. Due to the restaurant’s plane theme, they wanted to make sure that their logo, which is a propeller and wings, was included in the exterior sign.

Depending on the business, some restaurants will display their unique logo on their storefront, or just have lettering that shows what type of food they offer. Businesses that are well-known or are trying to create brand awareness will likely want to use their logo on their sign. But it is also common to see a storefront sign that just says “CHINESE FOOD” or “TACOS” to get straight to the point.

No matter how you choose to advertise your business, a storefront sign is a must. If your business is open after sunset like most restaurants are, investing in an illuminated sign will go a long way. Channel letter signs like the one we made for The Hanger are completely customizable, down to how different parts of the sign light up. The logo and “THE HANGAR” are reverse-lit channel letters, and the tagline, “Great Food-Great Hang” is a compound channel letter box. Reverse-lit channel letters are hollow, metal letters that are completely opaque except for the back which is clear. A compound channel letter is both reverse-lit and front-lit. For this compound channel letter box, we used push thru acrylic letters so the acrylic letters light up in the front, and the entire banner is reverse-lit also.

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