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Faux neon LEDs are a great alternative to traditional neon because it is easier to maintain, and uses less electricity compared to traditional neon. The initial cost may be more, but you will save a lot on your electricity bill as neon uses 15,000 volts as opposed to the 12 volts that the LEDs use. You can also adjust LEDs to any color so they are more customizable than neon and there are fewer physical restraints.

We used faux neon led tubes to create this “More Upstairs” sign for the Hustler Hollywood store in Chicago, Illinois. Although our shop is located in Chatsworth, California, we fly out to many Hustler Hollywood locations when they need us to make a sign for them. Along with stories in California and Illinois, we have also worked on stores in Texas, Arizona, and Florida.

As you can see from the photos, there are a few different steps involved in making a sign like this. First, we create a metal box that we use to mount the LED tubes onto. The backer needs a little bit of depth to hold all of the electrical components. Once the box is created, we install the clips that will hold the LED tubes. The clips are laid out in a way so when the tubes are put in, they spell out a specific word or a desired shape. Once we made sure that the placement was correct, the tubes and clips were removed so we could paint the box. Once the paint had dried, we re-installed the clips and LED tubes and install the power supply and j-box to create the finished product.

These tubes illuminate 360 degrees like neon tubes do and give off a neon-like glow so they look just like the real thing. We also offer LED tubes that only light in one direction that you can use to line windows or walls.