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AeroVironment is an American defense contractor that has its headquarters in Simi Valley, California. They’ve been at the location for a while so they had existing signage, but they needed four exterior signs replaced because they updated their logo. AeroVironment has been around since 1971. When a company has been around for decades, it’s typical that the logo will evolve with the company. Popular logo styles can change over time so it’s important to keep up with the current styles to make sure that your company doesn’t look outdated.

AeroVironment actually has two buildings in Simi Valley which is why they have four exterior signs; two building signs, and two monument signs. We made a set of channel letters for the building and exterior dimensional letters for the monument sign. All four signs face the street and are fairly large. Both building signs are about 5′ tall to make sure that the logo can be seen easily from the street. The monument signs are installed at each of the driveways so the letters are a little smaller, but they can both still be seen easily to someone driving on the street. Exterior signage is crucial for brand identity, and to help people find your location. Even if you are not a retail store that people can just come and walk into, having your business name known is still important.

Since the business doesn’t need to be advertised at nighttime, the channel letter signs we made for them are non-illuminated, however, they still wanted a lot of depth which is why we decided to make reverse channel letters instead of exterior dimensional letters. If you are interested in illuminated or non-illuminated exterior signage for your business, give us a call today to get started on your custom signs.