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Alameda Square Building 3 is one of six buildings in ROW DTLA. The construction company was looking for a sign company that could handle the building’s ADA signage so we bid for the job. Typically, when we get an invitation to bid for an ADA sign project, we get the plans for the building so we can determine all of the signs they will need in order to be up to code and create a takeoff. A takeoff is a list of materials with quantities and types that are necessary to make all of the signs. We use this to determine the cost to manufacture and install the signs so we can bid for the job. The initial quote was for about 180 signs which included room identification signs, floor signs, evacuation maps, restroom signs, and more. Changes are often made later in the project due to the fire inspector requesting additional signs or changes, and changes being made in the actual construction.

After we have a job, we do walkthroughs with both the management and the inspectors to make any necessary changes. A walkthrough is where we to the location and walk through the building to see if there are any signs that we are missing. The walkthrough with the manager helps us to go over ideas and the walkthrough with the inspector helps us make sure that everything is up to their specifications and if any signs need to be added or changed. If the signs are going to be ready in time, we will put temporary signs up that are just printed paper versions of the signs that are the actual size that we put up exactly where the real sign can go so the inspector can sign off on it. As soon as the signs are completed, we come back to the location to install the permanent signs.