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665 Inc. first contacted us a little over a year ago for some custom signs for a tradeshow. At that time, we made signs for one of their lines, Sportfucker. You can check out the blog about those signs here. We made custom plug-in illuminated cabinet signs that are able to be transported for different trade shows and easily turned on and off just by unplugging the sign. The cabinet signs are 4″ deep and made mostly from aluminum. The returns and back are made from aluminum and welded together. The cabinet needs to be deep enough to hold all of the electrical components and LEDs which is why they are 4″ deep. The faces are made from sign acrylic which is translucent and we use translucent vinyl so the faces light up when the signs are turned on. The faces are attached with trimcap so they can be removed easily in case the faces need to be switched out, or in case the sign needs to be serviced.

A few months after we made those two box signs, 665 reached out to us for a new sign face for another line, MOD that they were going to showcase at a tradeshow. Since we had made two identical cabinet signs for Sportfucker, we just switched out the faces of one of the signs for the new MOD sign face we made.

Most recently, they ordered a new cabinet sign for their company name, 665. As you can see from the photos, they had all three signs at the tradeshow they attended. Lighted signs are a great way to stand out at a tradeshow where there are rows and rows of other businesses. As previously mentioned, the cabinet signs are 4″ deep so they can stand on their own. This is great for tradeshows because you don’t have to worry about mounting the sign, it can just be placed wherever it needs to go.