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We specialize in custom electric signs for businesses. Whether your sign needs to go on your building, on your roof, in your reception area, or to a tradeshow, we are the best company for the job. When 665 Inc. needed signage for a tradeshow, we decided that illuminated cabinet signs would be the best solution for them. An illuminated cabinet sign is essentially a deep, hollow, metal box that has a translucent face. The box holds LEDs and all of the electrical components. The faces are made from translucent white acrylic and translucent vinyl so when the sign is on, the faces are backlit and illuminate Having an electrical sign at a tradeshow can really help you stand out.

These cabinet signs are 4″ deep so they can stand up by themselves. This is perfect for tradeshows because they can be placed on top of furniture and moved around easily because they don’t need to be mounted to something. When we make a cabinet sign for a building they are typically mounted with anchors and screws and hardwired into the building wall. Since these signs needed to be portable, we made it into a plug-in sign. This way, the client can simply place the sign wherever it needs to go as long as they run a power strip or extension cord behind the display.

We’ve also made electrical tradeshow signs in the past that were mounted directly onto furniture that was being used for the display. Since the furniture was a permanent part of the tradeshow display, the furniture itself could be moved around and the signs would just come with.

There are many different ways to do tradeshow signs depending on what your tradeshow display will look like. Give us a call today to get started on your custom tradeshow signage.